Teagascóirí Gaeilge

The Irish language continues to grow in usage

Gaeilge, the Irish language, is the first official language of Ireland. Once widely spoken throughout the island of Ireland, it is now championed by a minority. An ancient language with both a rich cultural history, it has a key part to play in a vibrant 21st century Ireland.

An official language of the European Union, recent years have seen a growth in usage, in Ireland as well as overseas. In recognition of its unique cultural significance, the Irish Government initiated a programme to support the growth and development of the language in a number of countries throughout the world.

A remarkable 4.5 million Canadians trace their ancestry back to Irish settlers. In supporting the development of the Irish language in Canada, this programme opens the door to the exploration of a shared culture and heritage.

It also contributes to a deeper understanding of the rich and multiple links between two countries with a rich shared history, and a friendship spanning centuries.