Flaherty Visiting Professorship

How can I contact you with an enquiry?

Enquiries should be submitted by email to scholarships@icuf.ie, or via the contact page. However, in advance of submitting an email enquiry, please review the frequently asked questions below – at busy times, enquiries which are not covered by these will be prioritised. Due to the volume of enquiries, and the scaled down nature of administration, we are unable to deal with telephone enquiries.

What are the closing dates for applications?

Refer to the How to Apply page for information on closing dates for applications.

I will be on sabbatical and would like to pursue the possibility of developing collaboration with colleagues in Canada / Ireland. Would I be eligible for a Flaherty Visiting Professorship?


Is the Visiting Professorship limited to any particular area, or to people of any age?

Applications are encouraged from all persons regardless of age or discipline, whose work has the potential to address the stated objectives of the program, as outlined here and here.

I am not resident in either Ireland or Canada, but wish to apply for the Professorship in Ireland / Canada. Am I eligible?

These awards were established specifically to encourage and support academic links between Canada and Ireland, and as such, the awards are only made available to residents of both countries.

I have received a Flaherty Research Scholarship/Dobbin Atlantic/Dobbin Scholarship in the past. Can I apply for a Flaherty Visiting Professorship?

Yes, provided you are eligible.

Can you tell me about the permanent residency requirement?

A core goal of this scholarship programme is to contribute to the development of academic links between Canada and Ireland, with a view to further enriching and strengthening academic and cultural relations between both countries into the future.

As such, ICUF awards are made available to individuals who are in a position to potentially contribute to achieving this long term goal, and accordingly applications are requested from those who;

  • have been living in the country from which they are applying for three of the past five years, AND,
  • are either a citizen, or a permanent resident of that country. Please note, EU / EEU nationals are eligible to apply in Ireland, and do not need permanent residency, provided the above five year requirement is met.

Thus, a Canadian / Irish citizen who is resident in (for example) Germany, is not eligible to apply. A person from (for example) France who has been studying in Canada for five years on a student visa is not eligible to apply, unless s/he has received Permanent Residence in that country.

However, a person from any country, regardless of nationality, who has Permanent Residence in either Ireland or Canada is eligible to apply in that country, provided they have lived in that country for three of the past five years. As outlined above, citizens of EU / EEU countries can apply in Ireland, provided they have lived in Ireland for three of the past five years.

Information on permanent residency in Ireland can be found here.

Information on permanent residency in Canada can be found here.