Craig Dobbin Legacy Scholarships

Thirty Craig Dobbin Legacy Scholarships will be awarded under this programme, with the vision that these scholarships will help lay the groundwork for future generations of scholars to explore and deepen the ties between both nations.

Fifteen of these scholarships will be awarded to UCD scholars seeking to conduct research in Canada, with the remaining fifteen being awarded to Canadian scholars seeking to come to UCD to conduct research and to build research partnerships.

Research scholarships ranging in value from €5k to €7k will support research visits ranging in duration from 2-4 weeks. Applications for scholarships will be made online, and assessed by a panel of external assessors in Ireland and Canada.

To honour the very special connection between Newfoundland and Ireland, a minimum of three scholarships will be made to scholars whose applicant proposes to conduct research which connects Memorial University Newfoundland with UCD.

The UCD College of Arts and Humanities has prioritised a number of research themes, and applicants should indicate with which of these themes their research proposal aligns. Further information on the research themes of the UCD College of Arts & Humanities can be found here.

Please note, projects with an interdisciplinary dimension are very welcome, however all projects should have an arts / humanities dimension.



The Craig Dobbin Legacy Programme (CDLP) is an initiative of the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF), the UCD Centre for Canadian Studies, and UCD’s College of Arts and Humanities.