Eligibility & Assessment


The Craig Dobbin Legacy Programme (CDLP) is an initiative of the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF), the UCD Centre for Canadian Studies, and UCD’s College of Arts and Humanities.

Applicants must be either (a) UCD scholars seeking to conduct research in Canada, or (b) Canadian scholars seeking to come to UCD to conduct research. It is a requirement that applicants have at minimum a Masters degree.

Applicants must be permanent residents of either country, and have been living there for at least three of the past five years at the time of application. For further information on this criterion, please view the FAQ page.



An external panel of assessors from Canada and Ireland will review and assess applications and scholarships will be awarded to those applicants whom the assessment panel decide will best deliver on the objectives of the programme.

We anticipate final assessments to be complete by the panel of assessors in July and will communicate with applicants immediately at that point.


Additional Information

All applications will be treated in confidence and no information contained therein will be communicated to any third party without the written permission of the applicant, except insofar as is specifically required for the consideration and evaluation of the proposal.

While it is not anticipated, actual amounts may vary from those outlined above, in order to accommodate exchange rate fluctuations, budgetary adjustments and other unforeseeable external factors.

The submission of an application shall also be construed as consent by the applicant (a) to participate in the peer-review process, and (b) to the terms and conditions of the program as outlined on this website.