These awards enable universities, institutions and related organisations to build engagement with leading thinkers, building international friendship through online activity

This programme is designed to support universities, institutions and related organisations who wish to engage with leading thinkers from the other country.

Accordingly, this programme funds both a host organisation (to support administrative costs) and the Beacon Fellow, who would;

  • through the Beacon lecture, engage with a wider audience in the host organisation
  • through a series of smaller group events (e.g. workshops, tutorials, seminars or masterclasses), work more closely with key individuals within the host organisation

Applications are made by the organisation seeking to bring in a Beacon Fellow. The fee to the Beacon Fellow is such that it will facilitate the host organisation to attract the highest calibre of individuals as Beacon Fellows.


Canadian Fellowships

Canadian Beacon Fellows will receive an award of CAD 4,000, and CAD 900 per smaller group event. The Irish host organisation will receive a Beacon Host award of € 2,000.


Irish Fellowships

Irish Beacon Fellows will receive an award of € 2,500, and €600 per smaller group event. The Canadian host organisation will receive an Beacon Host award of CAD 3,000.


Note on award

Under certain circumstances, ICUF may be able to support an increased fee to a Beacon Fellow, if the individual in question has a higher financial expectation than catered to in this award structure.

In such instances, ICUF could consider making an award of up to CAD 15k / €10k to a Beacon Fellow for a lecture and minimum of two ‘small group events’. Applications which include additional requests will be assessed in precisely the same manner as all other applications, however will only be approved if after assessment they rank within the top five applications.