Ambassador Hearn presents Bo Cui with Dobbin Scholarship award

March 22, 2012

Pictured, (left to right): Dr Patrick Prendergast, Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Professor Bo Cui, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, His Excellency Loyola Hearn, Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, Professor John Kelly, Executive Director, ICUF

In a meetingĀ  hosted by Dr. Patrick Prendegast, Provost of Trinity College Dublin, the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, His Excellency Loyola Hearn, presented Prof. Bio Cui with his Dobbin Scholarship award.

Professor Bo Cui is with the University of Waterloo, and his research in Ireland is being conducted in the Crann Institute in Trinity College, where he is investigating the fabrication of magnetic nanostructure in (CoFe)/Pt multilayer stacks for the study of magnetic noise.