Dr Stefan Kraan

Current Position: Manager, Irish Seaweed Centre in NUIG

Destination for Research: University of New Brunswick

Research title: Integrated aquaculture approach and seaweed product development in Canada, lessons to be learnt for Ireland

Due to receiving the ICUF award in 2007 I was not only able to learn all facets of integrated multitrophic aquaculture and the Canadian seaweed industry, it also helped me to establish valuable linkages and contacts in Canada.

This was especially important while organizing an international conference on applied phycology in Galway Ireland in 2008 as it allowed me to invite Prof Thierry Chopin of the University of New Brunswick as guest speakers and initiated other cooperative projects. It also allowed us to bring in sponsoring money from a seaweed company Acadian Seaplants in Nova Scotia and have several delegates attending the conference from Acadian.

Furthermore it has also initiated a funded counter visit by the University of PEI for me to travel to Charlottestown in September 2008 and present an invited talk on the Irish Seaweed Industry. So many linkages and cooperative work has come out of my ICUF award for which I am still very grateful