Séamus Fanning

Visiting Professorship:     James M. Flaherty

Brief Description of Work:

“The epidemiology of Shiga-toxigenic/verocytoxigenic (STEC/VTEC) Escherichia coli has some similar hallmarks. These bacteria pose a serious threat to public health. Most of the infections reported are domestically acquired and the result of consuming food contaminated with these bacteria or by direct contact with animals. A major difference, between Ireland and Canada, is in the reported crude incidence rates, per 100,000 population. One Health is a concept that promotes human; animal and planetry health. Using bacterial whole genome sequences, a comparative study of STEC/VTEC E. coli from diverse sources will be carried out to validate risk factors and aid source attribution.”

Home University:       University College Dublin

Institution to Visit:    University of Guelph