Professor Mark O’Malley’s James M. Flaherty Lecture in McGill University

May 30, 2017

Mark O’Malley, Professor of Electrical Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD), will be starting his James M. Flaherty Visiting Professorship last month with the Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED) at McGill University, Quebec.

Professor O’Malley collaborated with TISED members François Bouffard and Geza Joos et al. to advance sustainability via research, outreach, and education with a focus on Energy Systems Integration (ESI). TISED hosted a one‐week intensive course with leading energy institutions as part of this collaborative visit.

On May 2nd Professor O’Malley gave an ICUF Lecture entitled “Energy Systems Integration: a multidisciplinary global imperative for a low carbon society”. This talk aims to compare the energy system planning in Ireland and Quebec. Members of the general public, who have an interest in integrated energy systems, were welcome to attend this ICUF lecture.

To view professor O’Malley’s James M. Flaherty Lecture in McGill University, click on the above link