The Dobbin Scholarship

Building research links between Ireland and Canada

Initiated in 1993, the Dobbin Scholarship, named after Craig Dobbin, has made a major contribution to Irish-Canadian links in terms of culture, trade and innovation. Our aim is to both foster an environment in which valuable research can be completed and ensure scholars and academics carry on this proud tradition.

If your research project has the potential to contribute to the rich academic and cultural links between Canada and Ireland, you may qualify for the Dobbin Scholarship. Since 1993, scholars in both countries have benefited from both the research and networking opportunities the programme presents.

From covering travel costs to supplementing daily expenses, the Dobbin Scholarship gives early-stage research academics and scholars an excellent opportunity. Our prestigious programmes are designed to help you build solid links with institutions in Canada or Ireland that will enable you to conduct research in your chosen field.

For periods of up to one month, the scholarship works in both directions. In other words, we will support Canadians who wish to travel to Ireland, and their Irish counterparts who would like to travel to Canada. These visits will help you build on existing academic links, and make new connections and assess opportunities while you’re there.

How we can support you

We will contribute to your travel costs and living expenses. By helping you with your costs while you’re away, you can focus 100% on your research and study. Find out the details of our financial support and award here.

Check your eligibility

Our scholarships are open to Irish and Canadian residents. If you are an academic or scholar and you want to complete study in an area that will support Irish-Canadian co-operation and foster links, you could be eligible. Read our eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Refer to the How to Apply page for information on applications.

Further information

Further information is available on the FAQs page.