James M. Flaherty Program

A premiere international exchange programme commemorating Canada’s former Minister for Finance, and great friend of Ireland, James M. Flaherty.

Prof John Kelly (former Executive Director, ICUF) making a presentation to Minister Jim Flaherty in 2012

The James M. Flaherty Program ran from 2015 to 2020. Honoring the life and work of Canada’s former Minister for Finance, James M. Flaherty,  the Program had the following as its objectives ;

  • To build on the network of academic links between Canada and Ireland, resulting in increased academic co-operation, greater inter-cultural understanding and the potential for increased trade between both countries, and
  • To support the development of excellence in research of individual scholars who have an expressed and demonstrable commitment to research in a field relating to both Canada & Ireland.

It is the aim of the Foundation to support preeminent scholars and academics who are leaders, or future leaders, in their academic or post-academic professional field, and to this end, awards were made on two levels:

  • Flaherty Visiting Professorships were awarded to senior researchers and academics, supporting a visit for eight to twelve weeks to a university department in Canada / Ireland. A list of Flaherty Visiting Professors can be found here.
  • Flaherty Research Scholarships were awarded to PhD student and post-doctoral academics in the early stages of their research careers, supporting short research visits of four to six weeks, designed to help scholars make contacts with researchers working in related research topics, with a view to widening and deepening the scholar’s research horizons, ideally leading to continued collaboration in future research.  A list of past Flaherty Research Scholars can be found here.

The James M. Flaherty Program was provided with the assistance of the Government of Canada, via the International Education Division of Global Affairs Canada, and with the assistance of the Irish Government, via the Emigrant Support Programme, administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs.