Developing a new generation of academic, artistic, cultural and economic links between Atlantic Canada and Ireland

The Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship Programme was initiated to foster the development of a new generation of academic, artistic, cultural, and economic ties between Atlantic Canada and Ireland. Reflecting on the historical migrations from Ireland to the Atlantic coast of Canada, this initiative aimed to celebrate and build upon the rich shared heritage in music, folklore, maritime, and agrarian life that both regions enjoy.

The programme awarded scholarships to 32 scholars, supporting research that sought innovative ways to collaborate and address mutual challenges while exploring shared opportunities. Research projects under this initiative covered diverse areas, including the exploration of common culture, history, heritage, the potential of shared resources, and scientific and technological innovation.

This endeavour was made possible by the generous support of Mark Dobbin and of the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme.








photo credit:  ‘Achill Island’ (c) Stefan Jürgensen – with thanks to the artist for permission