How to Apply

Flaherty Research Scholarship

Applications for Flaherty Research Scholarships must be made online via Reviewr, an online application platform.

If you have not used Reviewr in the past, you will need to set up an account, before beginning your application. To begin the application process, please…  (please note – this link is only for Flaherty Research Scholarship applications) (not open for applications in 2020/21)

Once you have begun the application, you will be able to save your application, leave Reviewr, and login is as many times as you wish to edit your application before submitting.

Please note, that in addition to completing your online application, the following will be required:

  • You will be asked to upload communication (e.g. pdf/ text document/ image file) from proposed host university/ institution/ organisation, confirming interest in your visit, and an indication how they propose to support your endeavours when in-situ (e.g. office space, support, resources, etc)
  • You will be asked to provide details for two referees. Once your application is completed and submitted, your referees will be automatically contacted directly by Reviewr, with reference guidelines and instructions to upload their reference by Monday, 3rd June 2019.

Applications must be submitted online by 1700 hrs EST / 2200 hrs GMT on…(not open for applications in 2020/21) 

Once you submit your application, and the deadline has passed, it cannot be amended, and applicants who do not make the deadline are invited to resubmit their application in the following year.



Canadian Research Scholars awarded in 2019 must travel on or before 14th March 20xx.

Irish Research Scholars awarded in 2019 must travel on or before 1st June 20xx.